Larry Audlaluk – His Story


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Larry was three years old when he was relocated with his family from Inukjuak to Grise Fiord in 1953.

“The real reason they relocated us they said on paper was economic reasons, “Inukjuak…” it’s on official report. Inukjuak, Kuujjuak, and Pond Inlet , in that order had, in the Eastern Arctic, had the highest unemployment, had the highest welfare payment to the Inuit, they had the highest handout, as they say, from the government. And they had to do something about it. That’s how they started.¨[...] The ones that were brought here, us, we were to go back to the traditional land and that’s what they did, and that’s what almost killed us. The ones that went to Resolute were to be low wage employment Inuit.”

Larry Audlaluk – Grise Fiord, 2012